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Keyhole surgeries performed

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Specialized Equipments for Laparoscopic Surgery

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LigaSure™ Vessel Sealing System

The LigaSure™ vessel sealing system gives you something no other electrosurgical tool can - permanent vessel occlusion. The LigaSure™ system's revolutionary technology replaces almost all other haemostatic tools because it doesn't just ligate vessels, it actually fuses vessel walls to create a permanent seal.

Ligasure Generator

Ligasure Atlas Laparoscopy Instrument

Ligasure is a product of Valleylab, a division of Tyco Healthcare Group. Valleylab have historically been the world leaders in electrosurgical technology and were the first to introduce a Bipolar Vessel Sealing System - commonly referred to as BVSS.

A combination of the Ligasure and the Harmonic Ultracision is the best technology available today for performing advanced laparoscopic surgeries like hysterectomies and myomectomies.

Advantages of using the Ligasure Vessel Sealing System:

  • Permanently fuses vessels up to and including 7 mm in diameter and tissue bundles without dissection or isolation

  • Provides a unique combination of pressure and energy to create vessel fusion

  • An optimized combination of pressure and energy creates the seal by melting the collagen and elastin in the vessel walls and reforming it into a permanent, plastic-like seal. It does not rely on a proximal thrombus.

  • Feedback-controlled response system automatically discontinues energy delivery when the seal cycle is complete, eliminating the guesswork
    When the instrument determines the seal is complete, a tone sounds and output to the handpiece is automatically discontinued.

  • Reduces thermal spread
    Minimizes thermal spread to approximately 2 mm for most LigaSure™ instruments; average thermal spread is less than 1 mm when using the LigaSure Precise™ instrument and approximately 1.5 mm when using the LigaSure™ V instrument.

  • Unique energy output results in virtually no sticking or charring

  • A clinical study demonstrated that seals withstand 3x normal systolic blood pressure

Clinical Benefit:

  • Open instruments mimic standard surgical clamps to provide the surgeon ease of use

  • Permanent seal leaves no foreign material behind to interfere with future diagnosis

  • The seal is created using the body’s own collagen to actually change the nature of the vessel walls and obliterate the lumen. The collagen and elastin within the tissue melt and reform to create the seal zone.

  • Potential time savings compared to suture

  • May reduce blood loss in some surgical procedures

  • Minimizes the need for multiple applications
    Vessels are typically sealed using a single application.

  • Reduces the risk of needlestick injuries

  • Visible, possibly translucent seal provides an indication of seal integrity, increasing surgeon confidence