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Keyhole surgeries performed

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Keyhole surgeries
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Specialized Equipments for Laparoscopic Surgery

Harmonic Scalpel ] High Definition Camera ] Ligasure ] [ Monitors ] Morcellator ] High flow insufflator ]

We have a wide range of patient monitoring equipment to ensure safety during and after surgery.

Multiparameter monitors

These are used during/after surgery and monitor the following patient parameters continuously. They add a great degree of safety during the surgery as well as in the post operative period.

Parameters that are monitored

Multi-parameter monitor

  • ECG - 3 lead as well as 5 lead
  • Oxygen saturation in the blood - sPO2
  • Blood pressure - invasive as well as non invasive
  • Temperature
  • ETCO2 - amount of carbon dioxide coming from the endotracheal tube of the patient
  • Cardiac arrhythmia analysis

Single, Dual and Three Parameter Monitors

We have multiple single/dual/three parameter monitors that will monitor each of the above parameters in combination as required.

Single Parameter Dual Parameter Three Parameter Monitor


An essential cardiac monitoring unit with a facility to give a cardiac "shock" in certain emergency situations.

Fetal Monitors

These are used for continuous electronic monitoring of the babies heart beat either in pregnancy or in labour. It is used to carry out the Non Stress Test as well as in labour it picks up problems with the oxygen supply to the baby very early so the delivery can be safely carried out.