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190, Double Road, Indiranagar Bangalore 38

Tel: 25253311, 25251573, 25251139, 25200447

For Maternity, Gynaecology & ENT: 9880108844/9980015424

Keyhole surgeries performed

E-Mail: info@rashmihospital.com

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All about Oral Contraceptive Pills ] [ How to take the Pill ]


  • The packet of pills will contain 21 tablets

  • Take the pill labeled number 1 on the 1st day of your periods [for the first cycle]

  • Take 1 pill daily at night for 21 days in the order that is labeled on the packet

  • Please REMEMBER and mark on the packet which DAY of the week you have started your first packet

  • When you finish a packet of pills do not take any pill for 7 days [a 7 day pill free interval-PFI]

  • Start your next packet on the 8th day ie: if you started on a Monday for example the packet will get over on a Sunday and from Mon to Sun will be your pill free interval and the next packet will be started on a Monday again

  • Other than your 1st cycle the pills are not started in relation to the day of your periods but exactly after a 7 day pill free interval

  • You will be protected from pregnancy even in the 7 day pill free interval

  • You MUST get your periods sometime in the PFI and it does not matter when. If you do not get your periods by the time you need to start the next packet please consult your doctor

  • If you forget 1 day, take the forgotten pill as soon as you remember the next day and continue the packet as per schedule

  • If you forget for 2 days please consult your doctor

  • If you have severe loose motions, vomiting or are prescribed drugs for other medical conditions please consult your doctor

  • If you have ANY queries please feel free to contact me during my regular consulting hours