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Words of appreciation from some of our patients. Reviews and feedback

that our patients have left online, or in our feedback book.

Recently I had consulted with Dr. Deepak Rao at Rashmi Nursing home, Indira Nagar, Bangalore. I would certainly recommend him for all your gynaecology needs. For me and my kid he is like GOD (not exaggerated, i mean it.). Until my 7.5 months of my pregnancy, I had consulted gynaec near by home in Marathalli due to convenience. Around 7th Month, my sugar level and BP shot up and didn't feel that my gynaec is taking steps to keep it under control. Hence we started searching for another doctor. Through one of friend, came to know about Dr. Deepak. From the first visit, I felt very comfortable with doctor and he listens to your problem patiently and provides appropriate remedies. He is always reachable through mobile and mail. He always quickly responds to your queries through mail.

After the initial visit within two weeks I had serious problem, Cord prolapse (umbilical cord came out through vagina due to baby's kick) at the middle of night. I rang the clinic at the middle of the night and they asked me come to clinic immediately. From the time we reached the hospital the hospital took so much care of me that i felt that i was in safe hands. Doctor came within 5 mins of me reaching hospital. On the way from home itself, he started giving instructions to nursing staff and also started to mobilise other necessary people to perform immediate c-section. Within 30 minutes of his arrival, my baby came out safely. All this was possible because of swift action taken by Dr. Deepak. Though he says that we need to Thank God for this. But surely we saw GOD only in the form of Dr. Deepak Rao. Hats off to the doctor. THANK YOU VERY MUCH DOCTOR.

Mrs Poornima Ganesh

We wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Deepak Rao and the staff at Rashmi Hospital.

My wife had two previous miscarriages thus we were quite anxious about this pregnancy. The gynac we saw earlier had no clue as to why she had the miscarriages but Dr. Deepak was spot on with the diagnosis. She had APLA and thus was considered high risk pregnancy.

I am thoroughly impressed by the knowledge that Dr. Deepak displays and to add to his professionalism, sincerity and skill full guidance through the nine months. He was quite approachable and we had a wonderful experience during delivery and post-delivery.

The hospital itself though a small one, is well maintained, clean, hygienic and with great staff to support. I would like to also state that staff are very courteous and really helpful especially in the long nights when its challenging to handle the new born, they are always in the room to support and help when the baby cries, quite heartening that. A lot of thought seems to have gone into the interiors, facilities and also the music being played to ensure that patients have a soothing atmosphere to recover.


I would highly recommend Rashmi Hospital to anyone looking at professional medical services in areas of their expertise.


Keep it up Dr. & staff at Rashmi Hospital!


Thank you
Vishal & Manisha Sachdev


I had been referred to Rashmi Hospital for a laparoscopic surgery for my endometriosis. I had very large and painful cysts. Dr Rao was very patient in answering my hundred queries. I was comfortable with the staff too, and my stay was pleasant. I conceived soon after and also delivered at the same place. I am so happy I was referred there in the first place.

Mrs Meenakshi

Dear Dr. Deepak & Dr. Shalini

We wish to express our heartfelt appreciation to the entire team of Rashmi Hospital for the kindness and excellent care during my 3 day stay for delivery during the month of May. We were aware of your good way of approach & patience towards patients since my sinusitis treatment, my sisterís thyroid treatment and my sonís grommet insertion which made us come here for this procedure. It was so nice of you for explaining and replying our queries through mails which helped us to be prepared for entire process. Thank you for the concern even after leaving the Hospital.

We would like to thank the Front desk staff & Nursing staff (especially night duty staff as they helped a lot during my pain and feeding the baby with patience) for all their co-operation and care. We appreciate the Non-Technical Staff for their dedication in keeping everything so clean.

Today also we feel so happy meeting and greeting the staff when we visit the hospital.

We wish all success to the hospital.

Thanks & Regards
Philip & Asha

We are very impressed with Rashmi Hospital. They have made arrangements after the call even before we reach the hospital and also they have taken appropriate decision in my care.

The doctors, staff nurses and everyone in the hospital are very warm.

The rooms are maintained very clean and hygienic.

The doctor couple (Deepak and Shalini Rao) take great responsibility of every patient entering the hospital.

The doctor visits (gynaecologist and paediatrician) have been frequent and good.

Mrs Jyothirmayee

We consider ourselves most fortunate to have consulted Dr. Deepak Rao as Charooís Gynecologist. Dr. Deepak is a caring doctor and a thorough professional and it was extremely comforting to know that he was always an email or phone call away.

The facility at Rashmi Hospital is wonderful. The medical staff is well experience and caring, and the administrative staff is extremely pleasant and efficient in their work.

We were beyond impressed with the kind of care we got and our experience with Dr. Deepak Rao and would highly recommend him to everyone.

Charoo & Akhil Arora

If you remember, I was admitted at your hospital for a large fibroid. Everyone had advised open surgery, and you suggested laparoscopic surgery. I am happy I believed in you. You did the surgery, and I was very comfortable. I am now pregnant, and sadly am shifting out of Bangalore. I would have loved to have my delivery at Rashmi Hospital.

Sanjana Mehra

I had a Total abdominal hysterectomy, due to large fibroids and I was very anemic. I had to do the surgery as the only option out to relive me of all my problems.
Dr. Deepak Rao is an excellent and an experienced doctor, I would personally recommend him with complete trust to other patients.
He is very genuine which is a rarity and most importantly he does not unnecessarily write for tests and scans unless absolutely necessarily.

He takes time to listen patiently to all concerns and Explains in simple terms, he also uses visual computer diagrams, for better understanding. Approachable and accessible on phone/Sms and email.
Having first time surgery can be daunting but my doc made me feel assured. The surgery was a breeze compared to what I thought it would be like. I had an excellent outcome and could not believe how quickly I recovered with minimal pain. Dealing with pain and post-surgery issues are simplified and patient friendly.

Coming to the hospital, it is really well maintained wherein Dr. Shalini takes personal care about the place being clean and hygienic.
The staff are very polite and very professional for which a very high standard must have been set by the management. Surgery staff too well trained, highly capable and well-coordinated.
Rooms are comfortable and spacious and you do not feel you are in a hospital which is most important. Though recommend they should have a cafeteria.

Thanks to Dr. Deepak, he even helped us with our insurance issues as we were having problems with the insurance queries and documents. On the billing part it was really nice to notice a doctor who is patient friendly and it was also due to his efforts that I am able to claim my hard earned money through the insurance agents

Would end this note with warm thanks to Dr. Deepak, his wife Dr. Shalini and all the wonderful staff that they have right from the housekeeping onwards for all support extended to us.

Maria & Raymond Francis

My Name is Mrs. Champalini who was suffering for Fibroids & I wanted to have the surgery through laparoscopy only, I checked with other doctors & hospital but I was not satisfied.
Dr Deepak Rao & Dr Asha are top surgeons in laparoscopy.
We consulted Dr ASHA and she referred Dr Deepak Rao (Rashmi Hospital). When I spoke to Dr Deepak Rao we got all the doubts & clarification done. Since I was very scared of hospital & doctors but Dr Deepak Rao is very professional in his approach, very caring for his patients & gave all the information which was required for the surgery which gave me comfortable feeling.
After the consultation with the doctors I got my laparoscopy surgery at Rashmi Hospital on 25th July 2014 for Fibroid.
Rashmi Hospital is very well maintained, staffs & Nurses are very friendly and they took care properly. Excellent medical treatment was provided & they were very organized. It was like a homely environment.
We thank Dr Asha, Dr Deepak Rao, Dr Shalini & the entire Staff of Rashmi Hospital, we would definitely recommend it to our friends & relatives.

 I was here in the first week of August for my kid's delivery.

I have nothing but words of appreciation for the facilities and the people here. The doctors are efficient and straight forward with the best health of the patients at heart.

As for the nurses, they are very supportive and and steady in their efforts. Thank you guys.
They even help you very well with insurance claims.
Highly appreciated and recommended hospital to have your little one come out flying.

Thanks Again!

Hello Doctor, 

This is Bhargavi who had happily delivered a baby girl (named Diya) in Rashmi hospitals on May 23. I have been longing to drop in a mail to you for a long time. But couldn't get an opportunity to sit in and jot down one. I had been really lucky to have chosen Rashmi hospitals for my first delivery. You had been a constant support throughout my pregnancy with prompt responses to our anxious queries over mail/phone. We had not panicked a bit because we knew doctor was reachable to guide us through.

It was one of the marathon operation for you on the day you had to leave for travel. We were anxious after the delivery but doctor Shasha was greatly helpful for us during post-delivery days.

I should not miss to mention about the nursing staffs(especially night shift nurses) who had been kind enough and responsive to our calls at any time. It was amazing to see the nurses rush in so quickly when they hear baby cry. Every one of them were so kind and soft handling the little one and the nursing mother.

Also our sincere thanks to the admin team to have sorted out our bills, insurance claims and other formalities without any hassle.

It was a feel good at home from the time we entered for delivery and till we got discharged.

Thanks to all for being so supportive. 

Baby is doing fine and healthy. She had been diagnosed with a small hole in her heart - ASD. We are checking her in Manipal hospitals with Dr. Subash Chandra(pead cardiologist). Hope she recovers from it soon.

Thank you,

Bhargavi & Radhakrishnan


Dr. Deepak,


This day last year, I was operated for Polyp in your respected nursing home. This operation was done with extreme care and skillfulness. Before this operation, I had heavy bleeding leading to many side effects like weakness, early tiredness and mood swings. By Godís grace and your expertise, I am perfectly fine and healthy after this operation.


Would like to take this opportunity to thank you for giving me confidence during this operation. May the God bless you to help more and more needy people.


Yours sincerely,


Vrinda R Bhat



Very professional and at the same time a very personal touch. This is how I would describe my care at this hospital. We have known Dr Shalini and Dr Deepak for over 5 years now, and have never been unhappy in any way. 5 years ago, I was advised surgery at a large hospital and Dr Deepak insisted that it was not necessary. Yes, after 3 months my cyst disappeared.


Then recently I developed a fibroid which was removed laparoscopically by him. One day stay, and very little pain. I am happy.


Mrs Bindu



Treatment done to my wife. Caring was good, timely response and information. I would suggest Rashmi hospital to any one and say one of the best.





A well coordinated team !!!

Doctor and his team are excellent in their service being offered to their patients. None of our queries go unanswered and every concerns are given equal importance. Me and my husband have been so lucky to get the pre-natal consultation and delivery done in Rashmi hospital under the vigilance of Dr. Deepak Rao.

I must tell Doctor has been advising us to the point. No statements from him were exaggerated i. e. Neither on hospital facilities nor on his service nor on the payment.  All are clearly spoken by him and his staffs. The most important thing for a woman during pregnancy is availability of her doctor for any emergency and Dr. Deepak has been available throughout for my queries and for any attention required from him.  All our SMSes, emails and phone calls have been answered on time. I have no words to describe him and his staffs as they excel in every department. Since my delivery I have been nostalgic about the hospital and hospitality offered by Doctor and his staffs.  Kudos to the entire team!

The hospital ambience is so happy-go-lucky and very hygienic. Nevertheless, the duty doctors, nurses,  front office staffs and house keeping staffs are so helpful, vigilant on their tasks and kind to patients. Great service from all. Heartfelt thanks to Dr. Deepak and his team for making my pregnancy and delivery a successful milestone of my life and to receive my daughter safely.


Shain Thakur



I Think it may sound strange to many people that I am using the word pleasure here, Yes you read it right.
It was my pleasure to get my wife hospitalized & operated here for infertility. I honestly appreciate the facilities provided & expertise of Dr. Deepak rao & his staff. The way he explained Pre & Post surgeries never seen before in our hospital experience. This is the only hospital i felt the money is worth paying.
P.S. One may think since my wife underwent surgery so i may be using the word Pleasure. The fact is Dr. Deepak & his staff are truly appreciative. Hope my wife will be blessed with healthy & righteous child.


Anees N Khan



Dear Dr. Deepak, and the  medical team at Rashmi Hospital,
I was admitted to Rashmi Hospital for cystoscopy. From the time the procedure was scheduled to open, I was super nervous about the procedure, injections, the hospital stay, anesthesia and post op pain. But thanks to the team there, they made me feel very comfortable as soon as I was admitted. They administered the injections very patiently and slowly. Even the SA was done so painlessly, I cant believe it!! Being admitted in hospital and getting a procedure done was not so bad after all!! Thank you Dr Deepak and the nursing team! God bless!


Rebecca Thomas




Thanks to Dr Deepak & Dr Shalini for all the care given to my wife Beena & my kid Miraya to ensure it is uneventful pre & post maternity.

Also thanks to the brilliant support staff who took such good care to help my wife recover so well & fast.. Jaysri & Sandra want to highlight your names for the extra special care..

Thank you all once again.. Overall experience EXCEEDED EXPECTATIONS!!

Ravi, Beena & Miraya Kedia



We were beyond impressed with the kind of care we got and our experience with Dr. Deepak Rao and would highly recommend him to everyone.
We would like to thank the Front desk staff & Nursing staff We appreciate the Non-Technical Staff for their dedication in keeping everything so clean.
Yesterday also we felt so happy meeting and greeting the staff when we visit the hospital.
We wish all success to the hospital.


Sajeesh Sashidharan



Hospital is very good, clean and Sisters, duty doctors are very kind. But please appoint / train the receptionists in the hospital how to handle the work efficiently.
Also, please teach them the "Exact" policies of the hospital and not say fake policies to the patients at the time of discharge.
I was surprised to have heard change in the room policies (room tariffs) in just 15 days.Every receptionist has her own hospital policy. They claim, it was told by Dr.Deepak. Not sure how true.
I was cheated by paying 1 extra day even without staying. If this is the case, the reputation of the hospital would go bad.
Apart from that, I would recommend this to everybody.





This was my first visit. The moment we entered we were greeted by your courteous and pleasingly smiling staff that made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. You take care of your staff so well was evident when you got delayed on that day and you said sorry to all. What a wonderful gesture!!! Yathaa raaja tathaa prajaa. My recovery was faster than I expected and this is only because of your dedicated staff. Thank you doctor, for having such a cooperating staff.We wish goodluck to all.


Sheela Benegal




Thanks to Dr. Deepak for wonderful lifetime experience. We got twins-baby boy and baby girl. Extremely well behaved and knowledgeable support throughout the pregnancy and delivery. Healthy and clean environment and polite staff. Thanks a lot again. We will always recommend you over hi-fi costly hospitals.


Swati & Anuj



I had large fibroids and had been to 4 doctors and all had advised an open operation. Dr Deepak did the operation laparoscopically, and I was sent home in one and a half days. I have a handicapped child and could not afford to be in bed for a long time. With the superb care by Dr Deepak and his staff, I was able to look after my child from the third or fourth day after my surgery. I never realised that a hysterectomy could be so comfortable. I am really grateful to all. The hospital is so clean and well maintained also.





Dear All,

I wish to convey my heartfelt thanks to all of you for the personal touch and care during my hospitalization. My dear friends Dr. Kishore and Dr. Chandan also need special mention as they not only recommended your hospital but ensured all was fine during my stay.

I also appreciate the cleanliness, hygiene and the smiling nursing team and wish you all the very best.

Warm regards,

Kamala Balasubramanian



Treatment done to my wife. Caring was good, timely response and information. I would suggest Rashmi hospital to any one and say one of the best.