Rashmi Hospital

Centre for Minimally Invasive Surgery & Maternity

190, Double Road, Indiranagar Bangalore 38

Tel: 25253311, 25251573, 25251139, 25200447

For Maternity, Gynaecology & ENT: 9880108844/9980015424

Keyhole surgeries performed

E-Mail: info@rashmihospital.com

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  1. Please come for your admission on time

  2. On the day of surgery please be on a completely EMPTY STOMACH from 11pm the previous night ie: no water, no coffee, no breakfast etc. This is for your own safety during anaesthesia

  3. Please leave all your jewellery at home

  4. Please avoid bringing valuables with you to the hospital

  5. Please remove nail polish and make up before surgery

  6. Please restrict visitors especially on the day of surgery

  7. One attendant must be available at the time of surgery

  8. Visiting hours are between 5 and 7 pm

  9. Please try to keep the room clean

  10. Only the patient and one attendant may eat in the room

  11. Any complaints about the room, staff or ayyas should be immediately brought to the notice of either Dr Deepak Rao or Dr Shalini Rao

  12. Please do NOT remove footwear in the premises

  13. Please check the details and spellings on the birth certificate form and make sure they are accurate before you are discharged

  14. At time of discharge please ask for and collect your discharge summary, files and investigations as well as birth certificate if any

  15. Please check all your belongings especially mobile phones, spectacles and reading material before you are discharged

  16. You may go to the corporation office for birth certificates 21 days after the delivery. If you are in urgent need of a birth certificate for passport purposes etc you may please inform us immediately after the delivery

  17. For any clarifications please feel free to contact Dr Deepak Rao or Dr Shalini Rao between 6 and 7 pm

  18. If blood that has been booked at a bloodbank is not utilized please cancel it within 72 hours of surgery

  19. If your room is required for another patient you may be shifted to a room on the second floor 24-48 hours postoperatively





  1. Please make all payments between 11 am and 12 noon or between 5 pm and 7pm

  2. If you are for discharge the next day please settle your bill on the previous day BEFORE 7 pm

  3. If you are to be discharged before 5 pm please settle the payment before 12 noon on the same day

  4. Please also make advance payment if any between the same timings

Payments made by credit cards will be charged 1% over and above the billed amount

If patients elect to get operated on Sundays or at early morning times before 8 am then a 10% surcharge will be charged and this will NOT be paid for by the insurance companies

If you are availing of a cashless facility and your insurance company disallows some part of the bill you may be contacted to pay the balance as late as 6-12 months after your discharge. This is because we receive our settlements as late as 1-2 years at times.