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All your pregnancy questions answered

Bio Physical Profile [BPP]

  • What is the Biophysical profile?

This is a test with somewhat similar indications to a NST . It will be done towards the end of your pregnancy sometimes as a routine or otherwise if you have any of the following problems:

  1. Diabetes

  2. Hypertension [high blood pressure]

  3. Poor growth of the baby [IUGR}

  4. If you are past your EDD [Postdate]

  5. Reduced amount of amniotic fluid

  6. Reduced movements of your baby

It is a test which is a combination of an USG as well as an NST. A detailed ultrasound to observe your baby's body movements, muscle tone (flexing of the arms and legs), breathing movements (the baby's ability to move his chest muscles), and the amount of amniotic fluid surrounding him. A non-stress test to assess whether your baby's heart rate changes when he's moving. You'll lie on your left side, and the technician will place two devices on your abdomen and hold them in place with elastic belts. One monitors the baby's heartbeat and movement; the other records any contractions in your uterus. The technician will be listening to and watching your baby's heartbeat on an electronic monitor screen. The following are evaluated:

  1. Fetal Breathing
  2. Fetal Tone
  3. Body Movement
  4. Amniotic Fluid Volume
  5. Non-Stress Test
  • How is a BPP interpreted?

Each positive of the above is given 2 points, while each negative is given a score of 0. Therefore you are given a score such as 10/10, 8/10, 6/10 etc. Sometimes a NST may not be done and the scoring is given on 8 if all the ultrasound scores are normal, but if the amount of amniotic fluid scores a 0, then your baby may need to be delivered right away even if the other components seem fine.

If you have 8/8 or 10/10 that is a normal score and usually the baby will be okay for a week or so. 8/10 or 6/8 with normal amniotic fluid volume requires careful monitoring. If the amniotic fluid volume is 0 then you will probably need an early delivery. Scores poorer than this ussually need early delivery depending on the various factors which your doctor will discuss with you.