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All your pregnancy questions answered

Sex when you are pregnant

A common but often unasked question in many women's [and men's] mind is whether sex is safe when a woman is pregnant. If a woman is in good health, she can have intercourse and orgasm with complete safety throughout her pregnancy. The fetus is well cushioned by the amniotic fluid that surrounds it. A healthy woman with a normal pregnancy can continue to have intercourse into the ninth month of pregnancy without fear of injury to herself or to her fetus. The usual guideline is that the woman must feel comfortable during the sex.

When should you avoid sex during a pregnancy?

You will be asked by your doctor to avoid sex if you have had any of the following:

  1. Previous abortion

  2. Threatened abortion in this pregnancy

  3. Previous preterm labour

  4. Vaginal bleeding in pregnancy

  5. If you have a low lying placenta [placenta praevia

  6. If either you or your partner have an infection

  7. If you have pain during intercourse

  8. If your bag of water has broken and you have developed a 'leak'

Things to keep in mind

During the 1st trimester you may be having morning sickness and this may reduce sexual desire. Your breasts may be excessively tender and some women find this painful during sex. You may want to try various positions to keep pressure off your abdomen.

During the 2nd trimester most of the discomfort disappears and you may have a renewed interest in sex. Vaginal lubrication actually increases during this period. Your partner's weight on your abdomen during intercourse may be very uncomfortable late in pregnancy. Many couples find a side-lying position, either face-to-face or rear entry, is more comfortable. If you feel internal pressure during sex, it is wise to avoid deep penetration. Using pillows or additional lubrication may relieve some of the discomfort. Breast stimulation may lead to a breast discharge of 'colostrum' and this is normal and nothing to worry about.

Orgasm may lead to uncomfortable contractions of the uterus and this per se is not harmful at all unless you have a history of preterm labour or threatened preterm labour in this pregnancy.