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Keyhole surgeries performed

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All your pregnancy questions answered

When to call your doctor 

1.  Bleeding

      If you experience any bleeding or spotting, call your doctor or midwife immediately.

   2. Pain

      Sharp, one sided pain, or intense pain that does not go away with movement needs immediate attention. Minor aches and pains can wait until the morning or your next office visit.

   3. Contractions

      Before you are 37 weeks pregnant you need to call your midwife or doctor immediately if you have contractions more frequently than 10 minutes apart.

   4. Gush of Fluid

      If you have a gush of fluid at any point, it's an immediate call to your midwife or doctor.

   5. If your baby is moving less

      Any decrease in your baby's movements should be reported right away. This is extremely important.

   6. Sudden/Severe Headache

      If you have sudden or severe headaches that are out of context for you, call your doctor or midwife within 24 hours.

   7. Swelling of your feet or fingers

      Some swelling is normal in pregnancy.

   8. Questions

      Things that come up between visits but are not urgent can wait until morning or your next regular office visit. Make a written list of ALL your queries so that your doctor could answer them serially at your next ante-natal visit. When you call have the following details ready

    * Name

    * Due date

    * Last Menstrual Period

    * Symptoms you are experiencing (pain, bleeding, fluid, temperature, etc.)

    * How long you've been having these symptoms   


ALWAYS have a pen and paper on hand when you call.

Call on my landlines for ALL non emergency calls and calls for appointments.

Call on my mobile phone for all emergencies ONLY